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Follow these steps for success

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Please ensure your files are print ready this includes ensuring:

  • All documents that you desire are bound together are in a single file. You can combine files using

  • Ensure your file resolution is 300dpi or higher. Lower resolution files will effect print quality outcomes. 

  • Save colours as CMYK for colour accuracy

  • Double check you used the page numbers in PDF viewer when completing order form, not the page numbers in the document.

  • For double sided printing please ensure documents will print with the correct front/back page sequence. *This is especially the case with files such The Good and the Beautiful's Booster Books, which need to be printed from various points in the document. If these are not reformatting for easy printing, a $20 service fee will be added to an order after communication with the customer. 

  • Keep in mind we print on A4 paper. Many US formatted documents will have different margin outcomes on the A4 paper compared to the original US files. If you have specific instructions for how we format your US files for printing on A4- please send us an email.

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If your file size exceeds 70 MB please select WeTranfer file upload option when making an order. Once you have submitted your order specifications you will be redirected to the WeTransfer website, use the free option, and follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Add your files’

  2. Type our email address, into the email field

  3. Click on “Your Email” and add your email address

  4. Write a message so we know who you are. 

  5. Click on “Transfer”

A download link will be sent to you as well as us, which is available for 7 days. You will receive an email to notify you when we have downloaded the file, so you will know when the transfer has been received by our team.

Alternatively, you can generate a download link just for yourself and instead include this in existing communications with us.

For further help on transferring large files to us, visit the WeTransfer website.



As a small family business that is trying to keep costs down for our customers, we don't yet have the capacity for many payment systems. We will working towards more in the future. 

At this time we offer the following payment options: 


  • Secure Payment through Square using our Custom Print Order Form 

  • Direct Deposit to our bank account provided via invoicing upon receipt of your order. Order will not be printed until payment has been confirmed. 

  • Paypal transfer. If you would like to pay through a Paypal "send money" function please select "Direct Deposit" in the order form and then contact us if you would like to pay this way. 

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