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Our Story

G'day! It's great to meet you.

Welcome to InaBind Family Printing, a small Australian owned family business. We began when our homeschooling family of five found ourselves "in a bind". Many quality homeschool curriculum options are based overseas and shipping costs are often very high and colour printing of digital files can be even more expensive at local print shops. We started InaBind Family Printing in an effort to save others from this conundrum and make printing digital files easy and affordable. Our dream is to make more educational and printable resources available to more Australians.
Let us help you get out of your bind by getting InaBind with us!

InaBind Family photo, family of five walking across a field
homeschool Gather Round curriculum with plastic spiralbinding on table


Our mission at INaBIND Family Printing is simple:

  • To provide affordable and accessible printing and binding services

  • To save others from being "in a bind" over expensive overseas shipping or standard colour printing costs and make educational resources more accessible in Australia

  • To support community and provide friendly True Blue family owned services

Open colour printed homeschool Geology curriculum


 Affordability. Caring Service. Excellence

We know how expensive printing can be, and we are deticated to providing affordable and yet high quality, friendly service. Every order is processed, printed and packaged with love and attention to detail. Our family caters to each project’s specific needs. We are here to help you!

Sweet gum tree’s spiky ball, hanging loose._edited.jpg


At InaBind we value family, country, education and service. We believe being 100% Australian owned and operated is important for our country. We are also committed to making sustainable choices both for our communities and the environment. We choose compostable packaging, cartridge free ink, and recycle leftover paper goods wherever we can. When you support our business you support the local Australian community and environment.

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